5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Bub’s First Easter

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Bub’s First Easter  

Looking for some cute and creative ways to celebrate your bub’s first Easter? From fun activities to share with the family to creating physical memories, we have some ideas to make the day extra special for you and your bub. 

Start an Easter tradition

Start a new Easter tradition you can do every year as a family! Go on a walk to your local park, have a picnic by the water and dye some Easter eggs, or go to your city’s local Easter show! Even if your bub can’t join in on the activities, it’s always good to start a tradition early and continue as they get older.

Have an Easter photoshoot

Commemorate your bub’s first Easter by capturing this special milestone with a photoshoot! Dress your bub up in a themed Easter outfit or a matching outfit for a festive family photo. Not sure what to dress your bub up as? We’ve got a few ideas you might like:

  • Put your bub in rabbit ears and surround them with carrots
  • Nestle them in a nest using fake grass and plastic eggs
  • Place your bub in a flower hat and place them in a flower pot
  • Take a matching photo with your bub and the whole family
  • Put your bub in a carrot costume

Write letters to your bub

Write letters to your bub every Easter for them to open when they are older. Express the love and care you have for your bub, and write about the special memories created on the day. This means that when they are older, they can read the letters you wrote and they’ll always have this to treasure. 

Host an Easter brunch

Invite family and friends over to celebrate your bub’s first Easter! Brunch is always a great way to encourage family to spend time around the table, and it’s an even better excuse to enjoy eating outside. Feature spring foods such as dips, deviled eggs, savory pie, casserole and of course, hot cross buns. Throw in some activities and decorations for your brunch, such as creating a table centerpiece with Easter photos of your bub and having a DIY photobooth area!

Create bub’s first Easter basket

Putting together an Easter basket can be a fun activity for the family. Find a basket that you can line a soft fleece with, then fill it with objects you know your bub will enjoy exploring. The contents of the basket can be a mixture of old and new, and you can even ask friends and other family members to contribute items to the basket. From soft animal toys to board books, get creative and have fun with finding items to fill! If you’re stuck on ideas, we have created a Bubify Easter Basket for you to take some inspiration from!

We hope we have given you some inspiration on how to celebrate this special milestone and we wish you and your bub a happy hoppy Easter! 

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