5 Reasons Why Play Mats Are Essential for Your Bub


5 Reasons Why Play Mats Are Essential for Your Bub

Play mats are a must-have item that allows your little bubs to begin interacting with their surroundings. It is a safe and versatile space that promotes development in young bubs by encouraging them to crawl, roll, tumble or play.

It can be used as soon as your bub is comfortable with lying on their back without being swaddled and it is seen to be an essential part in developing various skills as your bub grows older.

  1. Tummy Time 
  • Play mats can be used to put your bub on for tummy time, which is an expression used to lay your bub on their stomachs for brief periods while they're awake
  • Tummy time is encouraged for young bubs over 3 months to prevent developing a flat head and helps build strength in the head, neck and upper body
  • Strengthening the neck and shoulders would allow your bub to develop muscles that assist in rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking when they begin to grow
  • It is suggested to limit tummy time sessions to five minutes at a time, starting with three short daily sessions and can be gradually worked up to an hour
  1. Encourages Freedom and Movement 
  • A play mat offers a safe space for your bub to exercise their active side by kicking, scooting and rolling around due to the soft and supportive texture that the mat provides
  • It also protects them from unsafe substances on the floor as they begin to test and improve their depth perception through crawling
  1. Develop Motor Skills
  • You can use the play mat as a space to play games that encourage the development of hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, such as dangling a plushie in front of your bub for them to reach out or kick it
  • Developing fine motor skills at a young age is essential in allowing your bub to perform purposeful movements and actions as they grow older 
  1. Stimulates Senses
  • Bold patterns on a play mat can stimulate visual development and this is especially apparent in black and white designs due to their contrasting shades, which are among the first patterns that young bubs will notice
  • Bubs are curious creatures, and their sense of touch is an important way for them to explore the world which is emphasised by the soft texture of the playmat
  1. Convenience
  • Play mats can make travelling with your bub much easier as it allows you to set up a safe and comfortable space anywhere that will also keep them occupied
  • They act as a space for your bub to enjoy their time while you quickly attempt to finish your chores or when you just need a chance to take a breather
  • It is also extremely easy to clean once the time comes, as a quick wash can remove germs or grime and allow the mat to restore to their previous condition 

Bubify Animal Playmat Collection

The Bubify animal play mats are soft, thick and high-quality. They are made with premium cotton and offers an ideal space for your bub to enjoy their time.

Our play mats can instantly brighten your nursery with our fun animal designs that add a hint of richness to the ambience. It can protect your bub while crawling, playing and napping while you enjoy a break while keeping an eye on them. It acts as a perfect gift for a baby shower or a little bub’s birthday.

Sized at 80 cm x 80 cm with a thickness of 5 cm, our play mats are spacious and softly cushioned to provide the best experience for your bub.

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