6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Parents

Bubify Blog:  6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Parents6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Parents

Parents are often told to take time away from their children, that they need to priorities themselves and do the things that will make them happy because by doing so, you will be a better parent.

But what if you don’t have the time and energy for self-care?

Self-care is so important and it shouldn’t be neglected, but sometimes you can’t afford to slow down, especially if your bub is relying on you. However, self-care doesn’t have to be so complicated, and small daily moments can bring you the happiness you may need.

1. Eat and drink well

Eating healthy meals can influence your mood for the better. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure you get the right nutrients. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated! Add some lemon or cucumber slices to switch things up.

2. Go out for some fresh air

Squeezing in a quick exercise or a short walk with your bub can leave you feeling refreshed an energised. You could even just sit in the sun – it feels good to take a few moments each day to soak up some rays.

2. Set some boundaries

You don’t have to go to every activity or event you’re invited to. If you’re feeling tired and not up to socializing, remember it’s always ok to say no!

3. Soak in the beautiful moments

Be present with your bub and appreciate the little things. Take in the smell of their hair, the way they snuggle up to you or the cute little sounds they make when they’re sleeping.

4. Take a warm bath

You’ve put your bub to bed, so now it’s time to run yourself a relaxing bath with all the soothing salts you can find. Light some scented candles and put on your favourite show or podcast you’ve been missing out on. You deserve it. 

5. Look good, feel good

Doing the little things can help boost your confidence, because when you look good, you feel good. So, take the time to do your hair, put on your favorite outfit and maybe even add that little bit of mascara. It’s not about impressing anyone, but rather what feels right to you.

6. Blast your favorite music

Put on a feel-good song then sing along and have a boogie while you’re at it. I know that always makes me feel better.

Parenting is a tough job. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from happy to sad to angry, so don’t be hard on yourself. Focus on the things you can control.

Remember that you deserve to take care of yourself, and you should.


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