Teething times a guide to knowing how to relieve your teething bub

Teething relief

Teething times a guide to knowing how to relieve your teething bub.

When do bubs start teething? 

This varies between bubs so there is no definitive time (as much as we would love to be able to help you with an exact month) bub’s tend to start teething around the 3-7 months range, though the typical teething time starts around the 4 months time frame as babies can start as early as 3 months but this is not expected. (Not to worry if they do though as bubs love to keep us on our toes)

The key things to look out for if your bub has started the terrifying teething times are:

  • Any excess drooling 
  • Red cheeks
  • Fussiness (More than usual) 
  • Disrupted sleep (Again more than usual) 
  • Teething rash on their chin
  • Decreased in appetite 
  • Constantly trying to munch down on objects or hands (Clear sign of irritation)
  • Watery poop (Caused by excess drooling)

Key things to also know is that your bub will usually start getting symptoms of teething a week or two before their teeth start to appear.

Okay so we know our bub is teething! What next? 


Relief is a key issue when your bub is teething as they don’t know what’s is happening and can feel quite irritated, sore, grumpy, and upset about their new pains. 

Having the right tools to help them through this painful time is a must. But luckily there is plenty of solutions that can give your bub the instant relief they need. 

Try using a soft teether as they’re specifically made and designed to give your bub the soothing textures that will give them instant relief and will distract them from their newfound teething pains. 

Here are some solutions we know work! (Having 2 kids that have had both terrible teething issues in the past having something that gives them actual relief is a LIFE SAVER!)

Teething Mittens:  

Teething mittens may look funny on your bub, but oh will they love it! 

Teething mittens offer the comfort of having a teether always at hand. Made with multiple teething textures that your bub can munch down on depending on what feels best to their new pains. Our teething mittens come with a velcro strap to prevent it being dropped and the top layer adds a crinkling sound to keep your bub engaged while using. 

Razberry Teethers: 

The Razberry teether is a soft silicone teether made with Berry Bumps that are specially designed with multiple textures to soothe your baby's sore gums!

Constructed of one single piece which makes cleaning a breeze and keeps germs from forming inside the teether while the loop-shaped handle is perfect for little ones to grab onto, while its pacifier shape allows for it to also be used as a hands-free teether.

EXTRA RELIEF: The Razberry teether can even be frozen for extra soothing; The silicone will remain cold, but not harden. This nature-inspired best-seller will also help introduce your little ones to healthy fruits at a young age.

Razbaby fresh food feeder:

Razbaby fresh food feeder is a must-have to introduce your bub to a range of fresh and healthy foods. With it's simple design all you have to do is open the safety lock, place the food in & close, and let your bub develop their taste buds. 

The best part of the Razbaby silicone fresh food feeder is that it also doubles as a teether and is the perfect weaning companion. 

Introduce your Bub to chunkier fresh foods, such as fruits and soft-cooked vegetables. Fill your feeder then place in the freezer or fridge, and you have a nice cool teether to soothe sore gums.

Unlike mesh feeders, our silicone feeder is easy to clean and super hygienic.

Your first tooth is here now its time to get brushing! 

When your bub has their first tooth it’s a vital fact that you need to start brushing your bub’s tooth with a soft baby toothbrush at least twice a day. We suggest just using water at first until your bub is past the 6 months milestone. 

There we go there are some tips from us to you so hopefully we can help you on your bub’s newest teething journey!

Good luck x 

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