Getting your bub to sleep for longer!


Zed Vibration Sleep Soother

A great companion to the Rockit Rocker, Zed is perfect for soothing your little bub to sleep in their cot.

It takes time for your bub to adjust to life out of the womb after the nine months of feeling the movements of your body. Parents often try to mimic this soothing feeling for their little bubs by driving them around to help them fall asleep, which is where Zed can come in handy.

Zed projects low-frequency vibrations that mimics the feeling of being placed in a car. It can be placed onto any mattress and functions simply by pressing the snooze button. With six calming vibration modes to choose from, along with a three-level night light that projects a soothing glow, your bub is able to fall asleep peacefully.

How does this benefit the parents?

A better sleep for all! As Zed functions to help your bub fall asleep, this means you can also sleep through the night without worrying about them constantly waking up. Small and portable, this device can also easily travel around and be taken on holiday, easing your stress of staying up at night to soothe your bub.

Zed is created to imitate the movement of being in a car, and with this device ready to be placed in your bub’s cot, you are able to complete other tasks instead of the time you are driving around. This also includes the added bonus of saving petrol!

“Have both the Rockit and the Zed both fab and settle my baby in the pram and his cot. Highly recommend both!” – Amie Chapman

“Well worth the purchase for any sleep deprived parent.” – Tarryn Fisher

How does this benefit the little bubs?

It is known that babies sleep in 45-minute cycles, so Zed operates in a one-hour time frame which means your little bub should be in a deeper sleep by then, lowering the chances of them constantly waking up.

It is important for your little bub to get a good quality sleep throughout the night for their development and growth and this means they will be less irritable when they wake up.

“Great product. Bub is happy to sleep at night without going for a car ride.” – Rachel

“Amazing! Really helps my daughter sleep. She’s 1 month old now and sleeping much better in her bassinet.” – Ricki J.

“Have popped him down this morning, nice and drowsy and ready for a sleep, first time using the Zed and he’s out like a light. Love this product.” – Amber

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