How Bubify’s 2-in-1 Nappy Bag Can Simplify Your Life

How Bubify’s 2-in-1 Nappy Bag Can Simplify Your Life

Do I really need a nappy bag?

This is the question every expectant mother may possibly face when considering the items their bub will need as the time finally comes. But what is so special about them?

A nappy backpack is the carrier of all, it will become a constant companion and a must-have when you’re on the go – it will become your best friend. There are always a million things you need, even if you’re not a parent, and having a nappy bag means you’ll have everything, and never forget anything.

While you think that any bag will do, we’re not so sure it will meet your needs as it is not designed specifically for parents and their bubs. Keep reading to find out why you definitely do need a nappy bag and what it can offer you! 

What is the difference to using my own backpack?

We understand that you want to avoid unnecessary spending, and you may consider a nappy bag to be one of those items. But when you already have so many things in your current bag – receipts, tissues, gum and a million hair ties, it doesn’t leave enough space to fit your bub’s things (and we both know they need a lot of things).

Your usual go to regular bag may be functional enough for just you, but they often lack the space and compartments for organization, since they are not designed with either the parents or bubs in mind. While it is argued that they do have a couple of pockets here and there, the compartments are rarely spacious enough to store the various essentials that your bub needs on-the-go.

Using your regular bag may mean that everything ends up mixed up, with spills and leaks everywhere and it takes forever to find things. The Bubify 2-in-1 nappy bag can solve this problem, especially since it is made with material that can specifically cope better with spills and leaks and it can offer much more functionality that your normal go-to bag.

What makes Bubify’s 2-in-1 nappy bag special?

Multi-functional pull-out day bed

Our 2-in-1 nappy bag differentiates itself from other bags in the market due to its multi-functional design which allows the bag to be converted into a changing or day bed!

The bag has a pull apart back design which allows you to create your own on-the-go changing table or nap space for your bub. There is also a sponge mat included to ensure a soft and comfortable surface for your bub to lay on whether you’re at the park, visiting a friend’s house or just stopping for a little break.

Since bubs have varying sleep, feeding and play times, our multi-functional nappy bag can quickly meet their needs in just a few minutes anywhere and anytime! There is no more worrying about the convenience of changing diapers when you’re on your daily outing or traveling as it can be made simple with our 2-in-1 nappy go bag.

Our bag is versatile to what you need, whether you want a diaper bag, baby bed, mommy backpack, nurse bag, shopping bag, or a travel backpack. The choice is yours!

Large storage space for your bub’s essentials

Our on-the-go backpack comes with 3 large compartments with 15 pockets that allows you to hold everything you need to tackle the day with your bub!

The varied sizes of the easy-access pockets can fit a multitude of items that is essential to your bubs needs. The smaller pockets and compartments are ideal for keeping track of small baby accessories like our Jollypop dummies and our Razberry teethers. The larger pockets on the other hand are perfect for packing bulkier items, such as our breathable muslin blankets to wrap your bub in or a Razbuddy cuddly toy to keep them company while playing in the day bed. Side pockets are also available for a quick and easy access to necessities such as cleaning wipes and diapers, or your own belongings like a cellphone.

Insulated pockets

Our nappy bag goes above and beyond other bags by having high-density insulated pockets to help maintain your bub’s bottle temperature over time. This includes the middle center pockets and the side pockets! What more can you ask for when you’re on the go and don’t have access to a bottle warmer?

The 3 dedicated bottle compartments on the front of the bag allows you to store various liquids your bub may need, and the B.Box Sippy Cups is a perfect fit for each pocket! However, the insulated pockets can also be used for other items that need to be stored in either a hot or cold temperature, such as small containers of food to be eaten that can be feed with Razbaby’s Fresh Food Feeder. 

Comfortable and convenient design

The design of the bag comes with straps to easily attach to your pram so you don’t have to carry it while you’re out. The straps are also Velcro with a metal snap lock, so it can withhold the weight of the bag without slipping off!

The straps of the nappy bag are also designed to be very breathable and have soft padded arm straps so it can sit comfortably on your shoulders free of stress when you don’t have it attached to your pram, and with an extra wide zip for opening and 15 pockets, you can easily search for the items you need on the spot, which is a big problem for bags without organised compartments.

Waterproof inner-layer

Lined with a waterproof material on the inside, Bubify’s nappy bag can be easily cleaned by wiping away any spills or mishaps with a wet wipe or sponge (which can be conveniently stored into one of the 15 pockets!).

This allows for a quick and easy clean-up for those accidents without the worry that the smell of a spill will linger for the rest of the day!

Stylish exterior suitable for anyone

If you’re going to be carrying around a nappy bag most of the time – whether that be through the park, at a restaurant or at your work meeting, it’s always a bonus if it looks good, right? You need a stylish yet timeless design that will go with any season. Well, our Bubify 2-in-1 nappy bag offers just that.

It’s sleek and neutral design is suitable for both mum and dad and can go with any outfit. It disguises itself as your normal backpack but reveals to be a functional necessity. There is no need to sacrifice style for functional as our Bubify 2-in-1 nappy bag offers both!

What have our customers said about Bubify’s 2-in-1 nappy bag?

“I love this thing! It has come in handy so frequently for us with our baby boy. When we didn't want to lug around the heavy baby seat, we would just grab the diaper bag and go knowing we could unzip the bed anytime we needed. I like the design of this bag. It fits everything! The zipper only requires one hand to zip up, it has an insulated pocket for the bottle, and plenty of room for diapers, wipes, extra clothes etc. My baby is 11 months old, but we still use this as one of his primary diaper bags. Love this bag and highly recommend it!” – Katrina A.

“I love the complete design. I really love that when you go to public bathrooms you don’t have to lay your baby directly on any surface. Whenever you go to someone’s house the portable bed attached to the bag can be a diaper change area and an overnight area for young infants! Great starter bag for the first 6-8 months!” – Michelle C.

“I’ve never seen a baby bag more efficient. It’s very easy to use. The material of the bag appears to be strong and it can be easily cleaned.” – Ladi E.

“Bought this for my daughter and she loves it! Perfect for trips to the park and quick trips to friends’ houses. My niece is pregnant with twins now and about to order 2 more!” – Julie T.

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