How to choose and use a swaddle

The number one goal of most new parents is the same thing – how can my baby have a good night’s sleep? If our baby sleeps well, we sleep well!

When it comes to creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment for baby, finding the right swaddle, wrap or sleeping bag is essential.

Knowing which baby wrap is best is essential and this easy guide helps you to choose which baby wrap is the best, a “baby swaddle how to” that guides you on doing it right and safe swaddling tips

About swaddles and wraps

Swaddles help to keep your little one bundled up and comfortable as they sleep – whether during a day nap or night-time sleep.

In the womb, your baby has been used to being cosy and snug and swaddling mimics this effect. The result is that when your baby is swaddled correctly, they feel calm, secure and close to you, as they did in the womb.

When babies wake in the night, the feel of the swaddle will reassure them and help them to learn to self-settle as they feel safe and comforted.

They can be wrapped in a baby swaddle with arms up or down but having their hands away from their face will mean fewer scratches from sharp baby fingernails.

When done correctly, swaddling can help your baby to get to sleep easier and sleep for longer – so why not give it a go! Find out more about the benefits of baby swaddling and how the technique helps them to sleep better here.

How to use a baby swaddle

Learning to use a swaddle is easy and the right baby swaddle technique can help your baby (and you!) benefit from better sleep.

Many baby wraps and swaddles on the market help make the process quick and easy.

Our Miracle Blanket is suitable for babies from 0 to approximately four months old and is designed to make swaddling so easy that you can even do it in the dark!

The fabric of this swaddle is super soft cotton knit, lightweight yet warm. In cooler months, it can be combined with a baby sleeping bag for extra warmth.

This wrap is super secure, even for Houdini babies so there’ll be no risk that baby escapes swaddle during the night.

To use this swaddle, wrap the shorter wing over your baby’s chest, then wrap the long side around your baby once.

In summer, or warmer nights, you might like to put the shorter wing down by baby’s side instead.

In winter, or cooler nights, you can add a light sleeping bag for extra warmth.

Safe Swaddling Tips

To ensure that your baby is not only comfortable but also safe when swaddled, these tips will help.

  1. Always put your baby on their back to sleep. You can learn more about safe sleeping practices here
  2. If your baby is able to roll, it is not recommended to use a swaddle and sleeping bag together. If your baby still needs to be swaddled and can roll, we highly recommend leaving their arms out.
  3. Keep a check on your baby’s temperature and the temperature in the nursery. Ensure that they are not over-swaddled or have too many layers and that ventilation is good.Using Muslin swaddle could be a way to prevent babies from being too cold or hot in swaddles, it offers unrivalled comfort with superior moisture drawing,temperature control and extraordinary breathability.
  4.  Don’t swaddle your baby too tightly and ensure they’re able to move their legs and hips to prevent hip dysplasia.
  5. Only swaddle your baby at bedtime and allow them to move their bodies freely at all other times.The SLEEPY HUGS is designed to be a looser fit than most other swaddle suits and is most effective in helping your baby adjust to free arms with the correct size.

    We hope our tips on swaddling your baby helps you set them up for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep!
    You can check out our growing range of baby swaddles and calming toys here .

How & When to stop Swaddling your baby

In general, babies do best when swaddling lasts for 4-5 months. Then, you can start the weaning process by wrapping your bub with one arm out. If she/he continues to sleep well for a few nights, you can stop swaddling completely. (If she/he starts middle-of-the-night waking again, restart swaddling and try the one-armed wrap again in a month…and every month thereafter until it works.)

But, if your baby starts trying to roll over, you will need to stop swaddling fairly quickly…just as the AAP recommends. The trouble is that weaning swaddling is much harder when babies are only a few months old. At this age, they often still need womb sensations to help them stay asleep and to keep them from waking frequently. The sleepsuit could be a possible solution for you to make the transition easier. It is designed to be a looser fit than most other swaddle suits and is most effective in helping your baby adjust to free arms with the correct size.

That’s why—if you must you stop swaddling at 2-3 months—it’s extra important to use white noise as a sleep cue for all naps and nights. Gentle rocking motion is another fantastic cue, but beware, only swings that recline all the way flat are safe for your precious baby.

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