Making Meal Time Easy with The NEW Bubify Smock Bibs

Making Meal Time Easy with The NEW Bubify Smock Bibs 

The Bubify Smock Bib is a sustainable, long-sleeved bib made of 100% recycled Oeko-Tex polyester that comes in a range of adorable designs for your bub's messy meal times. Our smock bibs make for an easy breezy clean up while your bub has the time of their lives during their mealtime experience.

Why choose our Bubify Smock Bibs? 

They’re practical

Our Bubify Smock Bibs provides a lot more coverage than your regular bib. It is longer and comes with full length sleeves, and if your bub is extremely messy, the elastic at the end of the sleeves helps ensure food doesn’t go up their arms!

The bib also has two snap close buttons on the back to prevent your bub from pulling it off while eating, making it more secure than a Velcro back.

The open back allows you to use it year round so your bub can mess up there meal times and you don’t have to worry about them being over heated in there smock while eating!

Easy to clean up

The design of our smock bibs allows for a quick and convenient clean up due to the Food catching wide bottom pocket to catch the bits that don’t make it into your bub’s mouth. This makes it perfect for when your bub is learning to self-feed! You just roll up the bib and throw the crumbs into the bin and it’s as easy as that.

Once your bub makes a mess using our smock bib, it can be instantly re-used with a simple rinse or wiped down with a damp cloth. Is there anything better than doing less laundry? I think not!

However, if you do want a thorough clean, you can even chuck it in the washing machine (at 30 degrees) and because polyester dries so quickly, the bib will be ready to be used again in no time!

Safe & lightweight material

Made from 100% recycled Oeko-Tex polyester, our smock bibs are guaranteed to be safe for your bub. Oeko-Tex fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and made to be safe on the skin for children.

Every part of the garment, including the stitching, zips, buttons and coating have been tested against a long list of harmful substances. This certification is a global standard that is reviewed every year and takes into account every conceivable way that harmful substances can enter the body.

The polyester material is also lightweight and waterproof, making it extra easy to wipe off or clean after a meal and ready to go for the next. 

They’re very versatile

Not only is our Bubify Smock Bib useful for messy meal times, it can be used during arts & crafts time with your bub. Our smock bibs are great at keeping your bub’s clothes protected, therefore it comes in handy during any sort of messy situation!

Plus it comes with a handy (and adorable) waterproof bag that fits it perfectly so you can take it wherever you go! (Woo) They are also a lifesaver if you’re feeding at a restaurant or someone else’s house to avoid leaving big messes.

When can my bub start using the Bubify Smock Bibs?

Our smock bibs are suitable for bubs over 4 months or whenever your bub begins to self-feed, which will generally be between 6 to 8 months.

There is a size difference transitioning from drool bibs to meal time bibs, we suggest using our Bubify Baby Smocks before transitioning into our Bubify feeding/weaning smocks which tend to be larger and offer a wider coverage to protect your bub’s clothes and skins during meal time messes.

Our dimensions measure up to 82 cm from sleeve end to sleeve end and 43 cm from top to bottom. The sleeves also have an elastic cuffing that allows your bub to grow into the smocks!

Our smock bibs are highly durable and can be used for however long you want, or until the pocket of your bub’s bib stops filling up to the top with food!

Have more fun (and less laundry) with the original Bubify Smock Bib! Make meal time easier with the new Bubify feeding/weaning smock bibs and say yes to the mess.

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