Muslin Swaddle Blankets - The benefits of swaddling your bub



The benefits of swaddling your bub with a muslin swaddle blanket.

Swaddling helps your bub adjust to the new world they have found themselves in but with the comfort of feeling like they are still in your womb. As a practice that is deep-rooted in many cultures for centuries, it has had a long use in hospitals and is considered to be the most essential item for a mum-to-be. 

In today’s world we are capable of suffering from information overload! We are swamped with information in new ways to handle being a parent and giving your child the best care, and this can be overwhelming. However, even with the influx of information, the fact still remains that swaddling is a top technique to keep your bub feeling snug and secure. 


Soothing: It recreates the cozy feeling of being in the womb, helping your little bub feel safe and secure.

Regulates body temperature: The breathable and lightweight nature of a muslin swaddle can help maintain your bub’s optimal body temperature, keeping them nice and warm.

Limits startle reflex: Babies have a startle reflex, meaning they produce sudden responsive movements when sleeping (which is completely normal!) and this results in them waking up during the night. Swaddling allows your bub to sleep for longer without being disturbed by their startles.  

Prevents face scratching: As a result of a baby’s startle reflex, they often scratch their faces, however, using a swaddle can prevent this from occurring as their hands are placed gently by their sides.

Ensures correct sleeping position: A swaddle helps keep your baby on their back which is the safest sleeping position. 

Parents can get more sleep: Swaddling reduces your bub’s discomfort and overstimulation during the night, allowing them to sleep longer and therefore means you have more time to rest 

Sense of security: Once your bub grows older, the blanket can essentially become their security blanket! 


Change mat: Swaddle blankets are soft and gentle on your bub’s skin and therefore make them the perfect base for diaper changes.

Nursing cover: Swaddle blankets can act as a cover when you’re breastfeeding in public and want a bit of privacy.

Pram cover: They can be versatile in covering slight shade when placed over a pram.

Playtime cover: With its natural stretchiness, a muslin swaddle is perfect if your bub is still trying to roll over or is beginning to explore through crawling.

Burp cloth: The perfect solution for a mess-free shoulder by placing the swaddle on you. As muslin is extremely durable, there is no need to worry about over-washing. 


Materiality is a major part in choosing a good swaddle blanket for your little bub that will be soothing on their skin. At Bubify, we believe that natural and organic material is exactly the answer to that. 

Muslin is a top choice for swaddles due to its breathability and durability. Made from super fine weave, the lightweight fabric allows for great airflow which reduces the risk of overheating. It also has the added bonus of getting even softer the more it is used and washed.

Bamboo is soft and non-abrasive to the skin and is suitable for babies that have sensitive skin or have skin conditions such as eczema. It is extremely absorbent and has thermal regulating abilities which is great in keeping your baby’s skin fresh and comfortable during the changing seasons.

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