Rockit the Portable Rocker & why its a benefit for you & your bub!

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

Do you feel like you’re often juggling to get a cup of coffee in one hand while rocking your little bub’s pram in the other?

The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker is a simple yet effective method of soothing your little bub. Designed to mimic the manual movement created when rocking the pram back and forth, the Rockit has become the answer to helping your little bub stay snoozing.

The device has a built in 30-minute rocking cycle that automatically turns off, simply able to restart with the ease of a button. Able to fit on prams, pushchairs, buggies and strollers, the motor has adjustable speeds that acts quietly (even suitable in libraries!).

No matter where you are or how long you are out and about, the Rockit ensures to keep your little bub snoozing when needed with its 60-hour battery life.

How does this benefit the parents?

With the Rockit’s ability to mimic a rocking movement that will keep your bub asleep, you are able to have more time for yourself.

Forget the days where you have to constantly occupy your bub’s pram so they can happily keep napping, with the Rockit, you can grab lunch with a friend you’ve been longing to see or run a quick errand you’ve been meaning to do. This is all achievable with the simple push of a button and pair this with the quiet motor, you are able to utilise this in a public space without creating a distracting environment for others.

The Rockit can easily become a game changer in your journey of parenthood. Why not treat yourself?


“As a grandparent I think this product is brilliant. Sweet dreams baby while I enjoy my lunch and coffee on shopping day.” – Tess Mc

“Amazing product! Mine arrived today and I used it when I went out for dinner with my family tonight. Worked perfectly and my bub was out like a light as soon as I turned it on. – Heimi Oih

“Money well spent. Highly recommended. Hands free.” – Laura Lemur Shoo

“This really is the best baby invention ever! We’ve just been on holiday and it was our god send when we were out and about!” – Connie Wolfe

How does this benefit the little bubs?

Daily naps provide much-needed downtime that generates physical and mental development in young children. It ensures your bub isn’t overly tired and will become stressed and irritable because of it and the Rockit is the perfect solution in avoiding this.

We understand that being a parent is busy, and as you are often on the go in the need to complete tasks, your bub may be unable to finish a proper nap. The Rockit’s gentle motion allows the little bubs to finish their naps properly in the pram but it also acts as a brilliant accessory if you are struggling to settle your bub at home.

“The Rockit has been a must have for my newborn baby – from keeping her asleep when at a standstill in the pushchair when out and about to helping her get to sleep in the day time when she’ll only sleep whilst moving.” – Clare Base

“Calmed my 9-week-old down in minutes.” – Amy Ewens

“This has been hands down the best item I have ever invested in for my daughter. I have used it from 3 months and still use it daily at 15 months! it's been a life saver for me as a single mum of three as my daughter is a fussy sleeper, especially at dinner time.” – Ash James

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