Should i consider using a nipple shield?

Should I consider using a nipple shield for nursing?

Breastfeeding is a natural part of motherhood but this doesn’t mean it will always come naturally for new mums. The shapes and sizes of breasts and nipples varies between women and this may affect the process of breastfeeding. It can be a journey to figure out the best way to breastfeed for you and your little bub and we are here to inform you of ways a nipple shield can assist you with this.

What is a nipple shield?

A nipple shield acts as an assisting accessory in the process of breastfeeding. Made of a flexible silicone, nipple shields are designed to create a seal over your nipple to temporarily help your little bub learn to breastfeed, or to ensure breastfeeding continues by allowing them to suckle more effectively.

When should I use a nipple shield?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether nipple shields will be beneficial to your breastfeeding process:

Does your premature baby have trouble latching onto your breast during breastfeeding? Nipple shields are a great solution to support your little bub, especially if they are premature and may not be strong enough to create suction. Once your baby becomes strong enough, you can then slowly wean off the nipple shield.

Do you have flat or inverted nipples? Breast variations can contribute to your baby’s struggle in latching on to the nipple. Nipple shields are shaped like an extended version of the nipple and this allows more room for your little bub to latch onto.

Does your baby have tongue and/or lip tie? Some babies are born with tongue/lip ties which means that they are unable to fully extend their tongue and as a result make it difficult for them to latch onto the nipple.

Do you have sensitive and sore nipples? If you have sore nipples and have trouble feeding directly at the breast, nipple shields will help you ease this pain.

How do I use a nipple shield?

Here are some tips on how to handle a nipple shield when breastfeeding:

  1. Warm the shield to make it softer and more flexible
  2. Invert the shield almost inside out before applying it
  3. Stretch the shield onto the breast c with the tip centered over your nipple
  4. Smooth it onto the breast and make sure it is tight with your nipple extending into the tip 

Which nipple shield should I choose?

It’s important to choose a nipple shield that fits well and allows for good milk flow to satisfy your little bub. At Bubify, we care for you and your little bubs and understand the challenges that may come with motherhood; therefore, we intend to supply products that will make your journey and enjoyable one.  

Our Nipple Shields supplied from Germany is designed accordingly around mum to help protect sore or cracked nipples, minimize pain and alleviate inflammation during breast feeding. The soft medical grade silicone provides a barrier to protect the nipple, but is thin enough to maintain a natural feel and breast contact for the baby.

Benefits to our nipple shields:

  • Easy to clean at anytime
  • Includes a convenient hygienic carrying case to store the nipple shields and keep them clean
  • The soft medical grade silicon can help reduce rubbing and stretching of nipples during breastfeeding
  • Designed to help babies with early latch on challenges
  • Tip holes in the nipple shields can assist mum to control the rate of milk

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