The Importance of Learning Song Books




The Importance of Learning Song Books

As your bub goes through their development stage, they will require more stimulation. This can be fuelled by a wide range of activities, but it’s important to find the right one for your bub that will be enjoyable and beneficial to their development. A favourable option for this is the use of learning song books!

Learning song books is a creative way to engage children through rhymes and movement and acts as a great activity to enhance early literacy skills as well as quality bonding time with your precious bub. It presents a wide range of benefits that are both favourable for you and your bub that will ensure a wonderful journey of growth.

 Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Speech development and language skills

Singing songs along with your bub can help them pick up on the different sounds within words and this makes it easier for them to sound out written words when they are learning how to read!

 Listening skills

Repetitive sounds and rhythms present constant cues which can build focused listeners. Always a bonus for your bub to be a good listener!

Enhanced hand-eye co-ordination

Hand-eye co-ordination is an important skill for your bub to develop during the early years, and this is achievable with learning song books as they use both their hands and sight to follow through.

 Memory boost

Song books are multi-sensory because they involve vision, hearing, and movement. This means your bub is able to activate many areas of their brain, which makes learning and memorizing more effective than just watching or listening. 

Structured activity 

Occupying your bub with the right song book can help create a structured activity and allow them to get into the rhythm of learning. This also means some more bonding time with you and your bub!

Feeling Good

Not only does learning through song books result in various benefits for your bub, they are also very enjoyable and can leave your bub feeling good.

Introducing our Ditty Bird Book range

The Ditty book range engages your bub’s learning and language skills, hearing development and music appreciation with fun musical learning. Ditty books contain bright colorful illustrations that children love, as well as engaging sound buttons where they can work on their fine motor skills!

The books are recommended for babies, toddlers and children ages 6 months to 3 years and they are made with curved corners for ensured safety.

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