Why a happy bub is a messy bub!


Why a happy bub is a messy bub - Blog post



Why a happy bub is a messy bub!

The important of messy play for bubs starting solids

Messy play is all about learning through experience. It helps them understand texture, taste, smell, changing visual presentation of foods and oral motor development. It’s an important part of child development and it can be so much more than just another meal. Messy play can be a time for creativity and connection.

Cognitive skills

Children often learn through experiences and hands-on activities and during mealtime, they use all five of their senses.

Bubs are curious creatures, they want to know how things feel, taste, sound, and how they move in order to explore these things to further develops their cognitive learning. When bubs experience new textures, the various sensory input allows them to grow accustomed to different sensations which they can continually build on.

Physical development

Messy play means your bub uses their hands and fingers to explore various food textures and experience how they flow through them. This promotes fine motor development, which become the building blocks for future handwriting.

They also learn about body awareness, which is the ability to understand where they are in relation to objects or where objects or structures are in relation to each other.

Creativity boost

By creating a huge mess, your bub also has the freedom to get creative! They will be able to use their imagination in order to create shapes and forms with their food in an exploratory way. This can boost their self-confidence and encourage them to find solutions creatively.

Calming experience

Messy play can help your bub stay calm and focused. They may have been acting up recently but by exploring new textures and immersing themselves in a fun and productive experience, it can help promote mindfulness.

Don’t forget to get involved in the play yourself! Your bub is already doing it, so why shouldn’t you? It’s always good to create a mess once in a while.  

Messy play is a great learning experience, but you may not be able to help and question if there is a way to keep your bub clean throughout the process.

Look, we totally understand that the idea of creating a massive mess can be stressful for you. There is food everywhere, except for where it’s supposed to be… which is your bub’s mouth. Often times, this can be discouraging to parents, but there are some solutions to combat this problem.

Bubify offers a variety of products to help with messy meal times.

The Bubify Silicone Bib, Suction Bowl + Spoon Set are perfect for a quick and easy clean when your bub makes a whole mess. Our silicone bib traps dropped food and our silicone suction bowl sticks to the surface of your high chair so that your bub can take the bowl with them.

The Bubify Baby Smock with short sleeves is a lightweight bib that has a waterproof and stain resistant front that will make your bub's transition into feeding time that much easier. 

The Bubify Weaning Smock has long sleeves and is made of 100% recycled Oeko-Tex polyester which comes in a range of adorable designs and is perfect for letting your bub take on their messy meals waterproof and stain-resistant it allows your bub to be clean so you have one less thing to clean after their feeding time.

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