Why your bub should use a Razbuddy Plush Toy Pacifier


Benefits of The RaZbuddy Plush Toy

The RaZbuddy is a universal pacifier and teether holder and the perfect companion for your little bub!
With the option of attaching a Jollypop pacifier through the Velcro strap, the RaZbuddy eliminates the stress of misplacing the trusted Jollypop pacifiers and keeping them close to your bub. 

The RaZbuddy is a soft and cozy cuddly plush toy sized for little hands and offers the comfort and security for your little bubs at times when they may feel anxious. When your baby outgrows the pacifier, a sense of reassurance can still be provided with their favourite RaZbuddy to help ease their transition and with huge selection for you to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect cuddly Razbuddy Plush Toy for your little bub!

Why choose the RaZBuddy?

  • Removable pacifier or teether
  • Machine washable
  • High quality plush
  • Hand made
  • No pellets
  • BPA free
  • Conforms to US Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements
  • Conforms to EU standards


    Jollypop Pacifiers

     The Jollypop pacifiers that are included with the RaZbuddy plush toy take on the natural shape and texture of a nipple that babies love and if your bub hasn’t tried one of ours it’s time to make the switch.

    The Jollypop Pacifier comes in 3 sizes, Transitioning throughout your babies growth with 3 sizes Preemie (Used in NICU Wards in Australian Hospitals as the number one trusted dummy) Newborn & 3 Months Plus they come in a range of adorable colours & will be sure to be your number one choice of dummy once your baby first get their hands on them.

    This 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pacifier with a fully flexible and soft inner guard has parents around Australia & the world confident that they are giving their bub only the absolute best pacifier when they need it the most.

    1000 of 5 Star reviews from parent only show the increased trust of the Jollypop pacifier range.

    Jollypop Pacifiers are the Number One Trusted Pacifier & used by NICU wards in Australian Hospitals and is listed on the Australian Therapeutic Register (TGA).




    RaZberry Teethers

    Beyond our Jollypop collection with the RaZBuddy, we also offer a range of RaZberry teethers that would be perfect for your little bubs that are beginning to teethe. As the perfect combo to keep your baby happy and comforted, the RaZberry teether is a soft 100% Medical Grade Silicone teether constructed with multiple textures to soothe your baby's sore gums. It is BPA free and can even be frozen for extra soothing without hardening the silicone. 



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