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The only pacifier trusted by australian hospitals
The one & only Jollypop Pacifier
When you give your bub a Jollypop you know you are giving your bub the only trusted pacifier that is distributed in Australian hospitals, with it's unsurpassed quality the Jollypop Pacifier is made in the USA & is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, BPA Free, Dehp Free & is constructed with 100% Medical Grade Silicone & its one piece design ensures it is easy to clean. If you care about quality & care about what you give your bub then there is only one Pacifier for them to have. The Jollypop Pacifier is only sold at Bubify.
jollypop pacifiers exclusively sold from bubify
Our pacifiers can help your bub learn to control their feelings, relax them & make them feel secure all apart of the self soothing technique associated with baby pacifiers. A calmer bub means calmer parents & with our range of Jollypop dummies & RaZbaby Keep it Kleen Pacifiers you can keep your child as calm as possible.