Ditty Bird Chinese Children&
Ditty Bird Chinese Children&

Ditty Bird Chinese Children's songs in Mandarin

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Follow Ditty Bird on a musical journey and learn along with Ditty’s favourite Children's Songs. Find and press the “sound dot” on each page to start/stop six educational tunes sung by kids.

The ditty book range engages your bub’s learning and language skills, hearing development and music appreciation with fun musical learning.

Ditty books contain bright colourful illustrations that children love while using the ditty books your bub can work their fine motor skills through the engaging sound buttons.

These books are made with curved corners for safety.

We recommend these books for babies, toddlers and children ages 6 months to 3 years.

Chinese Children's Songs in Mandarin is a book with 6 favourite Chinese songs. It's an educational book and learning toy that helps kids learn Chinese through music.


  • Two Tigers
  • Where's Spring?
  • Little Donkey
  • Picking Radish
  • Good Little Rabbit
  • Where's my Friend?

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