Miracle Blanket - Coral Hearts
Miracle Blanket - Coral Hearts
Miracle Blanket - Coral Hearts

Miracle Blanket - Coral Hearts

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With the Miracle Blanket it's easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark!  Help your baby  sleep better, longer and be less fussy since your baby will finally get the sleep they (and you) so desperately need.

The fabric is a super soft cotton knit 2-3 layers of T-shirt weight cotton, so a warmer option than many fitted swaddles. 

You can also adapt the way the wrap is used to combine with a light sleeping bag or to reduce the layers. This is our most secure wrap so it is still the best option for Houdini babies who need very secure wrapping.  

Available in a range of plain colours and cute designs, it's best to get two so when one is in the wash you have a second one handy!



  • Patented inner arms flaps to keep arms within wrap but comfortably secure and not unnecessarily tight
  • One size fits all (newborn to 14 weeks)
  • Won't unravel during restless sleep
  • No knots, buttons, straps, Velcro, snaps, zippers
  • No excessive fabric that bunches causing overheating
  • 100% cotton
  • Does not restrict development of hips and knees
  • Incorporates a light pressure to the tummy for relief of colicky symptoms
  • Helps your baby sleep on their back. Washington University Journal of Paediatrics studies prove even 'stomach-sleeping' babies will sleep more comfortably on their backs if properly swaddled


  • Soothes baby to sleep within minutes 
  • Ensures longer periods of sleep for baby
  • helps babies stay on their back (recommended by the AAP)
  • Calms crying and fussiness for any baby 
  • Baby can stay swaddled during diaper changes, without walking due to swaddle
  • Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratching, even the most active babies can stay swaddled during sleep
  • Makes breastfeeding easier
  • Leg pouch provides a healthy hip and leg environment allowing freedom of movement and development
  • versatility allows you to uniquely swaddle in "hand to heart (chest)" arms, down or arms out postion
  • No buttons, snaps, zippers, scratchy fasteners, etc. that can irritate or wake baby
  • Has safely swaddled millions of babies since 2004
  • Paediatrician-recommended 

Miracle Blanket over a Sleeping Bag:

If your baby is in a Sleeping Bag and still likes to be swaddled, or has a strong startle reflex and needs firm swaddling, it's great to use a Miracle Blanket over the Sleeping Bag. 

It can be used with one or both arms inside the wrap, and is excellent for gradually weaning baby off being wrapped, if your baby is too long for the Miracle Blanket pouch just leave their feet out.

Summer Swaddling with the Miracle Blanket:

The Miracle Blanket is one of the warmer fitted wraps so we recommend a slight change to the way you use your Miracle Blanket over a bag in the summer months:

  • Put the shorter wing down by baby's side, rather than wrapping it over the chest
  • Only wrap the long side round baby once rather than twice.

It can also be combined with a light summer sleeping bag for older babies who still need a very firm swaddle, see our instruction video below.


Fabric:  100% cotton, the fabric is the weight/style of a T-shirt


  • Approx 0-4 months
  • Measures 55cm long from shoulder to feet, and can be used down to chest height
  • Can also be used over a sleeping bag once your baby is too long for the foot pouch, see video below for more info


  • Wash before first use
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry low


  • Throw away at first signs of damage or weakness

Safety Tip: 

Please ensure your baby is not rolling if you are using a sleeping bag and wrap together.  If your baby still needs to be swaddled and can roll, we highly recommend you either leave at least one arm out of the wrap or use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap to keep your baby safely on their back. 

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