Nipple Shields Twin Pack

Nipple Shields Twin Pack

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Our Nipple Shields supplied from Germany and is designed to help protect sore or cracked nipples, minimize pain and alleviate inflammation during breast feeding. The soft medical grade silicone provides a barrier to protect the nipple, but is thin enough to maintain a natural feel and breast contact for the baby. Designed accordingly around mum, the switch between breast and bottle feeding has never been done with such ease.


  • Easy-to-clean anytime
  • Convenient hygienic carrying case to store your nipple shields and to keep them clean.
  • The soft medical grade silicon can help reduce rubbing and stretching of nipples during breastfeeding
  • Designed to help babies with early latch on challenges
  • Tip holes in the nipple shields can assist mum to control the rate of milk ow if the baby requires support
  • Intended for multiple use

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